1. Intended use
SYNTOSOL is designed in the form of a water solution for machining of black steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous metal alloys as a cooling-lubricating liquid for universal application.

2. Properties
SYNTOSOL contains, in its composition, highly efficient synthetic nitrogen-free corrosion inhibitors, polymer-based lubrication additives, additives improving the washability of processed elements and organic additives that prevent the formation of aerosols in a workplace.
SYNTOSOL contains in its composition non-nitrosating patented amines, which prevent leaching of metal compounds from alloys. Metalworking solutions are resistant to hard water.
SYNTOSOL does not contain viscous oil, hence it creates transparent physical solutions with water, which allows for constant observation of processed elements. The lack of oil in the composition causes that the cool an textraction on the processed elements is negligible and there is no effect of the viscosity of the coolant as in the case of oil-based coolants.
SYNTOSOL does not contain PCB and PCT, chlorine, sulphur, phosphorus, zinc, phenol compounds.

3. Advantages
– metalworking coolant separates tramp oils, which allows its longer operation;
– does not contain mineral oils = less harmful for the environment;
– low viscosity of metalworking coolant = low extraction = smaller supplementation;
– excellent cooling, lubrication and protection against corrosion;
– excellent wettability and washing properties;
– quick separation of grinding deposit;
– lack of colour of the metalworking coolant allows a visual current assessment of the degree of contamination of the metalworking fluid
Preparation of the metalworking fluid:
metalworking coolant is obtained by adding an appropriate amount of concentrate
with small portions into measured amount of water while mixing.
On average, 4-7L of concentrate per 100L of water, gradually adding to the circuit.
It is advisable to use water with a hardness of up to 15 dH, a temperature of about
20 degrees C and neutral pH. Ph should
be maintained on the level over 9,0

Recommended dilution from 3% to 4%.



1. Intended use
CarboLoy is designed in the form of 4 – 5% aqueous solution as a cooling and lubricating liquid in the grinding processes: cemented carbides, cast iron and non-ferrous metal alloys 

2. Properties
CarboLoy is an aqueous solution of highly efficient corrosion inhibitors, ferrous alloys and non-ferrous alloys, of the highest quality synthetic lubricating and washing-wetting additives as well as stabilizers and preservatives.
Thanks to the use of a specific block of corrosion inhibitors, coolant not only provides excellent protection of iron alloys against corrosion, but above all eliminates or significantly reduces the occurrence of cobalt leaching from processed elements made of cemented carbides, where cobalt (alone or in alloys with nickel, molybdenum or iron) is a matrix (binder) for carbides of tungsten titanium, tantalum or niobium. 

Does not contain:
mineral oils, ethylene glycols, nitrites and nitrates, chlorine compounds (including PCB and PCT), phosphorus and sulphur, free secondary amines and other promoters of N-nitrosamines formation. It also does not contain boron compounds (which results in the lack of sticky deposits occurring during the use of the coolant) and ethoxylated nonylphenols.
It also does not contain, in any conventional cheap coolants, complexing alkanolamines that cause cobalt (complexing) leaching. 

CarboLoy creates completely transparent real (physical) solutions with water, which allows for constant observation of the processed elements. Metalworking solutions are resistant to hard water.
Physical and chemical properties of 5% aqueous solution:
appearance: slightly yellow clear liquid 

pH: over 8,8
anti-corrosive properties on hard water of 15 dH = HO
(Herbert’s test at HO means it can stand the test and does not cause corrosion on iron alloys) 

cooler sp-15


1. Intended use
Intended for all welding and cutting machines that require cooling.

2. Properties
– protects burner, cables and a pump and a cooler against electrolytic corrosion of all plasma welding and cutting equipment.
– working temperature up to -15 degrees C or -25 degrees C in version Cooler SP-25
– does not adversely affect surfaces
– does not cause corrosion of components because it contains CorrFree type corrosion inhibitors and other multi-metal ones compatible with aluminium alloys and copper alloys
– contains alcohols of food purity
– contains polymers and propylene
– product based on high quality water with very low electrical conductivity below 5μS (microsiemens), in contrast to commonly available coolants usually used in car radiators with conductivity 300μS, which creates a high risk of a welder’s electric shock.


Strong, biodegradable preparation with bacteriostatic properties intended for fighting harmful organisms in closed water circuits

1. Intended use
Strong preparation preventing adverse effect of microorganisms regarding:
– metalworking coolants;
– closed water circuits.
Removes and prevents formation of bacterial flora in water circuits.
Helps to maintain coolants and other water circuits in suitable microbiological condition. Helps to maintain appropriate metalworking fluid pH level of 8.5 – 9.5.
Prevents damages and degradation.

2. Application
Preparation is to be poured directly to the coolant.
Dosage depends on the quantity of infected sediments and sludge, max 1%. In case of regular refills, 100-200 ml/100 l of liquid once a week.

Regular refilling helps to extend the exploitation time of coolants by 2-3 times.

If the coolant is not working, is becomes a perfect medium for bacteria.
Thus you should provide coolant circulation and aeration
or regularly make weekly refills and maintain the coolant concentration on the appropriate level.