Water Based,Non- flammable, silicon, oil and odour free Anti Spatter

1. Intended use
– Welder is a professional product intended for protection of welded material surface and tools against the welding spatters. 

2. Properties
– contains specialized anti-adhesive additives;
– contains specially selected surfactants;
– does not cause corrosion of welded material;
– can be removed with cold water, does not contain silicone;
– does not contain any oils;
– is non-flammable and does not cause so called scale “gasification”;
– does not irritate welder’s respiratory tracts, and it is odorless; 

It occurs in the following versions:
CM1 (transparent) universal, dilutable with water 1: 1-1: 3
V14 (milky) on heated surfaces, dilutable with water 1: 1-1: 3