About us

We are a manufacturer of professional eco-preparations for industry.
We have been operating since 2001.

We serve a broad spectrum of industries, such as:
– steel structure manufacturers
– agricultural machinery manufacturers
– plastics manufacturers
– automotive companies
– mines
– smelters
– power plants
– combined heat and power plants
– shipyards
– waterworks
– construction

We aim to manufacture preparations that are very effective and safe to use, as we are aware that   health and safety of people using our preparations is of significant importance.
We derive a lot of satisfaction from our work, especially when during a presentation, our customer finds a solution to his problems, and shows it with a genuine smile.
We strive to build long-term relations with our customers. This is why we are willing to invest in customer-tailored solutions, through which our customers gain in the long run.
During a direct conversation and a presentation, our consultants will confirm that our products can provide quantifiable financial benefits to our customers.

We try to understand current market needs and predict future ones to exceed our Customer’s expectations.